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The Regency era was full of rakes, rogues and other scalawags, as well as dukes, earls and viscounts galore. At least, that's how it is in fiction.

If you sigh over a gentleman in tailcoat and cravat raising your hand to his lips for a kiss, or yearn to set sail on a Tall Ship (or at least want to read about it), you've found a kindred spirit.

I write the kind of books I like to read, in a style that's been described as Jane Austen meets Pirates of the Caribbean (but with better personal hygiene). In my stories, a little laughter, fun adventure, heroes to sigh over, and heroines to root for await you.

Welcome aboard!

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Scandalous Ladies

Three best friends and an older brother each find themselves falling in love with ... well, you know.

Viscount Hidden Treasure Final Kindle.jpg

Starting in 2023:

Brazen Bluestockings

Harriet Chase wasn't the only teacher or staff member who suddenly found herself out of work when the Torquay Academy for Young Ladies closed. What happened to the others?

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